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Love by correspondence

Our detective agency «Pravo» was contacted by an American citizen with a request to help find out the circumstances of the detention at the Russian airport of his fiancee, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who was supposed to fly to visit him.

During the investigation, it turned out that he met his fiancee on a dating site. And, «by correspondence», they struck up a liking. As a result of communication, he invited her to America for a date at his expense.

In order to issue the necessary documents, she sent scans-photos of her documents, and, as an addition, her personal photos. This turned out to be enough and he transferred her a large sum of money to purchase air tickets. To confirm the purchase, scans of tickets were sent back.

On the day of departure, the bride wrote that she was detained at the airport by law enforcement agencies with suspicious pills. To avoid punishment, she asked to send another large sum of money. After that, an American citizen turned to us.

In fact, this citizen turned out to be a fraud, used fake documents, downloaded photos from the Internet and corrected with the help of image processing programs. The collected materials were transferred to the customer

You need to be careful! Because dating sites are filled with this kind of scammers who use people's «love» and credulity to extract material benefits.

To reduce the risks of being deceived, you can contact our agency to verify the personal data of the prospective bride.

Detective agency «Pravo»

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