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Verified by contract

A male candidate with an ideal resume and track record applied to one of the prestigious companies for a leading position. Our agency has signed a contract with this firm on an ongoing basis to verify the accepted candidates-employees.

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Pitfalls in the biography

A businesswoman applied to check two candidates for the position of housekeepers and housekeepers, as it happens in practice, of course, with excellent recommendations. However!

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The babysitter is crazy

A young mother turned to check on the child's future nanny, who had excellent recommendations from previous jobs.

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Without hope of finding an expensive car

2 years ago, a Porsche Cayenne car was stolen in Novosibirsk. For two years, the search did not yield results.

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The Twins' Reunion

A citizen of a foreign country applied to our agency, who, in turn, was adopted abroad and found out that at birth, it turns out, she had a brother.

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Love by correspondence

Our detective agency "Pravo" was contacted by an American citizen with a request to help find out the circumstances of the detention at the Russian airport of his fiancee, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who was supposed to fly to visit him.

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